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Jack Wax Seal Scatter Pin



Each hypo-allergenic antiqued sterling silver Jack scatter pin is made from our own original seal, which gives each piece an individual charm. This piece features a Medieval-style skull motif. The human skull has traditionally been used across many cultures as a "memento mori," or a reminder that we are all mortal.

Styling tip: We find that our wax seal jewelry compliments a wide variety of aesthetics, including gothic, witchy, boho, mori, and dark academia.

Due to the manufacturing process, each piece is unique. Distressed marks, irregularities, and organic effects are an expected result of this process and give each piece a unique character. Please allow us to select your piece for you.

  • Sterling silver (semi-shiny antiqued finish)
  • Suitable for use as either a tie tack or a pin
  • Designers: Marisa Hess and Josiah Pierce
  • Handmade in USA

Dimensions: Pins range in size from 0.5" to 0.75".

Materials: Sterling Silver. Comes with 2 nickel-free, silvertone metal clutch styles.


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