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Pleiades Wax Seal Earrings



Each pair of hypo-allergenic antiqued sterling silver Pleiades earrings are made from our own original seal, which gives each set an individual charm. These earrings feature a mismatched set of star and moon motifs.

Styling tip: We find that our wax seal jewelry compliments a wide variety of aesthetics, including gothic, boho, mori, beachy/natural, and dark academia.

Due to the manufacturing process, each piece is unique. Distressed marks, irregularities, and organic effects are an expected result of this process and give each piece a unique character. Please allow us to select your piece for you.

  • Sterling silver (semi-shiny antiqued finish)
  • Pierced earrings with butterfly clutches
  • Designers: Marisa Hess
  • Handmade in USA

Dimensions: Earrings range in size from 0.375" to 0.5".

Materials: Sterling Silver


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