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      How long have you been doing this?

      The founding husband-and-wife team of Fennel & Clark have over 25 cumulative years' experience in a jewelry manufacturing environment. Between us, we are familiar with all aspects of the business, and can provide you with a satisfactory B2B experience.

      How do you feel about a trunk show?

      If your store is in the Northeastern US, it's definitely a possibility!

      Would you like to participate in my street fair, flea market, craft show, or other temporary market?

      It doesn't hurt to ask!

      Do you do consignment sales?


      Do you do boutique branding?

      Not for our own designs, but for the right client, we can manage production of your fine jewelry designs for your brand.

      Can I order one of the one of a kind pieces for my store?

      Yes, as part of an order that meets minimums. Please contact us for details.

      Can I order production quantities of your designs?

      For tailored pieces: yes. All others: ask. Some of our components are no longer available or being made, and those quantities are limited.

      Do you offer terms?

      Not at this time, but we are exploring how to make that work.