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      What countries do you ship to?

      We currently offer shipping to the US and outlying territories. 

      Do you have free shipping?

      Yes! Our minimum for free shipping is $45 in the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and $100 for outlying US territories, and US Armed Forces locations.

      How long does shipping take?

      We strive to ship all orders within 2 business days for in-stock items. Back-ordered or made-to-order items can take 4 to 6 weeks to ship at this time. Custom orders will be shipped within an agreed-upon timeframe. After that, shipping time depends on the shipping service selected.

      In the case of a vacation, or us being out of town for a show, there will be a notice on the website explaining how shipping is affected.

      I don't live in America! Can you help me out?

      We are open to shipping to other areas, but there are many, many jurisdictions in those areas, and there's just the two of us. We want to ensure that we are doing things the right way!

      If you would like to make an order for a country outside our current shipping area, please use the form below to contact us, as well as what products you are interested in. We will evaluate if we can do this, based on:

      • If our products meet the legal standards of your country (for example, content labeling requirements, or any subject matter that might be censored).
      • The status of foreign sellers—there could be legal hurdles. (Some countries ban imported jewelry, others require expensive testing).
      • Our access to an insurable shipping service for your location.
      • If PayPal is available in your country.

      If it is feasible—and legal—to ship to your country, we will contact you with an invoice via PayPal, and arrange a private sale that way.

      Do you do layaway?

      Yes—we can do it through PayPal invoicing. There is a 20% non-refundable deposit required.

      Can I order customization of your existing designs?

      We are no longer offering custom design services, except to B2B clients. However, some customization is available.

      • Generally, custom chain lengths are available for any pendant, although this may affect cost.
      • Resizing rings is also generally available—please contact us if you have a question about what is possible.
      • One of a kind items are sold as-is (except for chains, and ring resizing may be technically difficult), but we can explore making similar designs to order.
      • Anything that is not one-of-a-kind, and is made in silver, can be made in gold. We can usually offer 10K yellow, 14K yellow, 14K rose, and platinum. 14K green is available by special order from some foundries, but there are almost no findings or chain parts available in that metal, so you may need to consider if you want to use yellow or white gold for chains, pin backs, or other pre-made parts. 
      • We can offer engraving and stamping. Please contact us for a quote.
      • We will not make jewelry that is worn against the skin in brass, copper, or bronze. Not even if it is to be plated.  
      • We will not do "boutique branding" of existing Fennel & Clark™ designs. We will, however, discuss creating new designs for a B2B customer for their brand.

      Do you make custom designs?

      Not at this time.

      Mailing address:

      Hesperus Trading Co. LLC DBA Fennel & Clark™
      203 Washington St. #223
      Salem, MA 01970