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About us

We are Fennel & Clark™, a husband-and-wife team that makes small batch sterling silver jewelry in Providence, RI.

With over 25 cumulative years of experience in the jewelry industry, we decided to launch our own fine jewelry company. What seemed like a natural progression at the time has turned into a marathon of self-discovery: surprises, challenges, and opportunities for growth have met us at every step of our journey.

Ramona, in progress on the bench

The most surprising challenge has been the transition from professional designers and modelmakers to artisan jewelers. Where we once worked with seasonal forecasts and buyers, we now have a direct creative conversation with our customers. Instead of making pieces to meet an ever-shifting set of demands, we now express our own love of process, art history, and symbolism through quality sterling silver jewelry that explores those themes.


Our connection with our customers has helped strengthen our bond to our community, and we look forward to our regular shows in the Northeast. We also seek to lift up our hometown by giving preference to casters and suppliers in the Providence and Blackstone Valley area, the historic home of American jewelry. This depth of local experience helps us create high-quality pieces that will last for generations.

Making a setting

As artisans, we feel it is their calling to help kindred spirits express their inner life outwardly through their dress. Our line includes delicate everyday pieces, inventive statement pieces, and luminous set stones. Whether your personal style is metaphysical or romantic, simple or bold, or even classic or adventurous, we have the perfect piece for you.

Plieades Wax Seal Necklace

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