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      Join us at one of our pre-Valentine's events!

      Get ready for Valentine's Day with one of our winter shows!

      We're kicking things off with a virtual show - Market of the Beast's Eat Your Heart Out Virtual Market, on January 26-28. Please note that this show has been moved to February 2-4! There will be specials and sales for this, so make sure that you stop by!

      Then, we're heading over to Lowell on February 3 for A Little Bazaar's annual Love Buzz Marketplace, with a great selection of vendors for all your romantic gifting needs. Then, on Sunday February 4, Toccata & Fougère will be at the TQNC Broken Hearts Market. Please note the new location - the Elks Lodge in Brighton, MA.

      On February 10, we'll be splitting up for a double header of shows! Toccata & Fougère candles and incense will be at Mill No 5 in Lowell for the Love Witch Marketplace, while Fennel & Clark vintage finds and jewelry will be at Ames Memorial Hall in Salem for the Salem Flea February Winter Marketplace, during the Salem's So Sweet festival.


      Hoping to see you soon,
      Riri and Josiah.