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COVID-19 Update for In-Person Shows

Due to the global pandemic, and the responsible stewardship of our local governors, we do not have any shows scheduled at this time.

We fully support and participate in all measures taken to prevent the spread of this disease to the most vulnerable members of our population. While we plan to apply to any relevant shows scheduled later in the year, we do so knowing that it may be necessary to reschedule for the safety of others.

In the meantime, we will continue with product development, and offer our items through our webpage. As we and our suppliers are not essential businesses, our pace of development and production has slowed down a bit. In light of this, we are closing backorders and custom orders for the time being, so we will be able to hand off any orders to a delivery service in our normal time frame. We do offer the ability to sign up for in-stock alerts for items we plan to restock, so please feel free to use this service if something you want is out-of-stock.

For convenience, you can subscribe to our Google Calendar, or visit our Facebook Events Page, to be up-to-date with any announced shows.